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Burt’s Bees introduces a scent-focused line called güd

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Burt’s Bees introduces a scent-focused line called güd

gud shampoo and conditioner in floral cherrynovaBurt’s Bees has released a new line that is focused on scent and fun. Created with no petrochemicals, parabens, or pthalates, güd is natural and cruelty-free, as are all of Burt’s Bees products. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand cream, body lotion, body butter, foaming hand soap, and body mist. There are four scents total, including Floral Cherrynova (cherry and almond milk), Orange Petalooza (hyacinth and blood orange), Vanilla Flame (vanilla and rice milk) and a Target exclusive called Pearanormal Activity (pear and açaí berry).

I was able to try all of the scents except Pearanormal Activity, and they are really quite nice. The main complaint I have of these heavily scented body products is that they smell cheap – as if they weren’t made with quality ingredients – and then the poor unfortunate soul who has bought the entire line proceeds to use all of them at once, creating a cloud of cheap fruity fragrance that envelops the wearer and lasts all day long. That wasn’t the issue with güd, as the scent smells quality and they don’t have the long lasting effect that synthetics usually have. These blend well with your body chemistry and leave a slightly sweet fragrance behind.

The shampoo and conditioner in Floral Cherrynova is probably my favorite. It did a good job of conditioning my dry and coarse hair, and the scent left behind was noticed. I tried the Orange Petalooza hand cream, and it also smelled lovely. The Vanilla Flame foaming hand soap occupies the top spot in my bathroom, and my kids love to play with the foam. I also tried the Vanilla Flame body butter and body mist, and I was surprised (and very pleased) to find that the vanilla wasn’t overly sweet – they so often are in body products.

gud vanilla flame body butter

Overall, these are good basic products that smell nice and do what they are supposed to do: clean your hair, condition your hair, moisturize your body, etc. They don’t go above and beyond, but that’s just fine. Sometimes going back to basics is the way to go. Especially if they aren’t overly sweet and fruity.

gud orange petalooza hand cream

güd is available at Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, and Target. Soon they will be everywhere you find Burt’s Bees. Prices range from $4.99 to $11.99.

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