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Reading: Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

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Reading: Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

I’m a voracious reader, and would much rather read than watch TV. Since I purchased an iPad, it’s gotten even worse – I can take it everywhere, it holds more books than I could possibly read, and it weighs next to nothing. However, there is still a place in my heart for my paper books, even if I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t purchase them anymore. And I’ve been reminded of that simple joy as I’ve read The Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, given to me by BlogHer to review.

It’s a fun book, and not meant to be taken seriously. It’s chick lit at it’s finest – someone you can relate to without being overly dramatic reading. This is the type of reading I’d take to the beach: fun, feminine, and lighthearted. Ace, the main character of the book, is a smart Southern teacher who struggles with body issues and ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile, her friends are having difficulties in their love lives as well. From a cheating husband to an inappropriate affair, Ace and her friends need to get everything back on track.

What is even more interesting is the backstory on the publication of the book. Author Stephanie McAfee received rejection letter after rejection letter from literary agents, so she did the next best thing: she self published the book. Amazingly, she debuted at number 31 on the combined book and e-book bestseller list by the New York Times. Then she debuted on the NYT’s e-book bestseller list at number 13, and landed herself her very own literary agent who secured a three book deal with Penguin publishers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Moral of the story? Never give up on your dreams. And always have a good book.


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