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Three products to help you jump start your summer hair removal routine

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Three products to help you jump start your summer hair removal routine
The weather is starting to warm up, and you know what that means – it’s time to tighten up that hair removal routine, am I right? We show a lot more skin in the warmer months, which means all that body hair has to GO. I’ve found three new products that I’ve incorporated into my routine to make the entire process much easier.

Sally Hansen Simply Smooth Hair Remover

First up is Sally Hansen’s Simply Smooth Hair Remover. Switching to a depilatory can give you an extra day or two before needing to use again which is always nice. Also, for those of us who suffer from razor burn or ingrown hairs, a depilatory allows hairs to grow in blunt instead of pointed, which can help with ingrown hairs. This particular formula is unique in the fact that it really doesn’t have the awful smell associated with most of these formulas. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – that horrible chemical smell that is only lightly covered up with some synthetic floral scent that doesn’t help at all, and in fact makes it that much worse. The formula is applied before you get into the shower and works while you’re in there. It can remove hair in as little as three minutes, although those of us with dark and coarse hair will take a bit longer. $10.99 in most drugstores.

Gillette Venus and Olay Razor

I don’t know how many blades a razor needs to have, but this Gillette Venus Olay razor has FIVE. But the best part of this new razor is the Olay formulated moisture bars. Unlike any other razor I have EVER used, the Venus Olay didn’t cause my skin to itch immediately after drying out. I followed up with my Olay Quench body lotion, but I probably didn’t even need to, it worked that well. The bars give some amazing slip while shaving, which can be exceptionally hard to find. $10.99 at drugstores.

Sally Hansen Zero Bumps

And going back to the razor burn/ingrown hair problem mentioned above, Sally Hansen’s Zero Bumps Bikini Spray soothes red, irritated skin and uses lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin to keep ingrown hairs from forming. It’s portable, easy to use, and has a nice vanilla scent. Use it as often as necessary, especially if you’re suffering through a razor burn.

Have you heard of any new products to help with the body hair problem? Share them in the comments!

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