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Can’t decide between lengthening or thickening mascara? Get both with Lash’em’s Double Trouble Mascara

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Can’t decide between lengthening or thickening mascara? Get both with Lash’em’s Double Trouble Mascara

Back in the 80s, as I was just starting to really be serious about my makeup, I was shopping in the drugstore with my mom. Cutex (yes, the fingernail polish remover people) actually had a small line of makeup, and my mom and I both loved the formula of their mascara. They came in dark green tubes with gold lettering, and the formulas were lengthening or volumizing. While I stood there and discussed the merits of each with my mom, she simply grabbed both formulas and said, “why choose? Let’s get both.” A wise woman indeed. And it was those two mascaras that started my habit of layering a volumizing mascara over a lengthening one. 

But I received something recently from LashEm which totally took me back to that moment, because they have taken my two tubes of mascara, and combined it into one excellent product. Double Trouble Mascara has two wands and two tubes all in one product. I know, sounds impossible, right? But check it out:

Double Trouble Mascara by LashEm

I love the idea of using two different formulas to get one amazing result. I didn’t use any primer on my lashes, just one coat of each formula, as you can see below:

Double Trouble Mascara by LashEm

Top photo shows no product at all, middle photo shows one coat of the lengthening formula, and the bottom photo shows one coat of the volumizing formula over the lengthening formula. You could continue to built it up, if you like. I didn’t find any clumpiness that wasn’t easy to get rid of with a comb, and the color is a beautiful dark inky black, my favorite.

Since LashEm’s Double Trouble Mascara is a multi-tasking product, it automatically goes into my travel bag as a favorite. It retails for $19.99 at LashEm is also on Twitter at @LASHEM and on Facebook as well.

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