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Sponsored post: Seasonal Body Hair Removal

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Sponsored post: Seasonal Body Hair Removal

Learn the best way to remove hair throughout the year. 

Let’s face it, when it comes to hair removal there’s a tendency to slacken our efforts as the weather gets colder. Maybe it’s because of the less revealing winter clothing styles, or maybe you feel like the second you step out of the warm shower your hair grows right back. But does hair actually grow at a different rate in the winter? Should you employ different hair removal methods throughout the year? Read on to learn more about hair growth by season and understand the best way to remove hair in the summer, fall, winter and spring months.Spring and summer

On average, human hair grows about half an inch per month. In the warmer summer months, hormones in the body actually increase the growth rate by about .05 inches per month, about 10 percent faster than the rest of the year. Another factor that makes hair grow faster in the summer is increased blood circulation, which speeds up cell division and contributes to hair follicles growing faster. So it you feel like you are shaving and waxing more frequently in the summer, part of this is due to faster hair growth. In these warmer months, focus on all over body hair removal.

As swim suit season approaches in spring, you’ll want to target parts of your body that will be exposed to the world, including legs, underarms and bikini area. Continue with your hair removal efforts throughout the summer. Waxing and shaving will work for daily maintenance, or try a more permanent method like laser hair removal.

Fall and winter

As the weather grows colder, hair growth will slow down to the normal growth rate. Many people believe myths that hair grows faster in the winter. For example, in the winter you may notice goose bumps on your skin as a natural reaction to the cold weather. Goose bumps develop at the base of body hairs, but they do not stimulate hair growth, despite wide spread rumors that they do. Similarly, many people believe that hair grows faster in the winter as an evolutionary adaptation to keep our bodies warmer in the colder months. This is not true.

Fall and winter is a great time to begin a long term body hair removal solution, such as laser hair. If you start a laser hair removal treatment in the fall or winter, you’ll be ready for spring and summer with smooth, hair-free skin. If you are looking for short term results, shaving or waxing is still a popular hair removal tactic that can be used in fall and winter.

Body hair removal year round

Although hair growth increases slightly in the summer, you are safe using the same body hair removal methods throughout the year. Because of this, and the tendency to expose more body parts in warmer months, you will likely find yourself employing hair removal tactics more frequently in the warmer months. Unfortunately the endless cycle of shaving and waxing does not rest in winter, unless you opt for a method that can deliver lasting results, like laser hair removal.


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