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Some of spring 2012′s best new lipsticks from Lancome, Make Up For Ever, and Cover Girl

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Some of spring 2012′s best new lipsticks from Lancome, Make Up For Ever, and Cover Girl

One of the beauty products I don’t tend to use very much is lipstick. I know some people are lipstick people, some are gloss people, and some are balm people. I’m all of the above, when I actually think about it. But the only time I’m consistent is when I’m going to bed, and then I have to have a balm on my lips so they don’t dry out. I cannot sleep with chappy lips (as we are fond of saying around here).

First up is Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Natural (seen here in #N34/Candy Pink). This is Rouge Artist Intense‘s cute and friendly little sister. Fun colors in a moisturizing base without being as pigmented as Artist Intense. Great for day wear and when your lips need a little extra boost in the softening department. As always, Make Up For Ever has some amazing shades. $19 at Sephora.

Next is Lancome’s new Rouge in Love (seen here in 340B/Rose Boudoir). This is a long lasting formula that isn’t heavy or cakey, and it won’t stain your lips, either. I got a good four hours out of it, and that includes eating, drinking, and maybe a kiss or two. They have so many shades that they have categorized them into three different “moods”: Jolis Matins, fun day shades that have the letter “M” in the shade number; Boudoir Time, which are pop shades for “cocktail hour” and these have “B” in the shade number; and finally, Tonight Is My Night, the most intense shades in the collection, identified by the letter “N” in the shade number. Retails at $25 at department stores and Sephora.

Last, but certainly not least is Cover Girl’s new Flipstick Blast, a dual color combo in one stick. I chose Vixen, which is a creamy mauve on one end, and a shimmery lighter mauve on the other. You can mix and match these shades. Wear one, then wear the other, or use the two shades to create a perfectly matched ombre lip! I haven’t perfected that technique yet, but Cover Girl makes it easy with this product. Retails at about $6.99 at drugstores and


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