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Anastasia Beverly Hills releases the perfect summer makeup collection all in one set

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Anastasia Beverly Hills releases the perfect summer makeup collection all in one set

The See and Be Seen collection is just about the perfect summer collection of makeup. Stand by, because I’m getting ready to rave on this set, kittens. 

Anastasia See and Be Seen on Retrodiva

All of these products would be considered stand-out products if they were packaged with any other kit. As it is, this one gives you four products that are worth every penny of the $44 retail price. There are two lip glosses, Plastic and Heiress, a tube of Tinted Brow Gel, and an eyeshadow duo called Illumin8, and the shade selection is On the Set.

Let’s start with the glosses. I don’t think I have ever come across a gloss that is not only glossy and not sticky, but actually has enough pigment to remain after the gloss itself has worn off. In fact, if you are like me and only apply gloss sporadically, these are for you. Also, the applicator will freak you out a little in the beginning – it’s a flat plastic wand with an oval tip, and it is different from any other applicator I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t have a doe tip or any kind of sponge, but you will get an amazing application after a bit of a learning curve. I am still sad that my dog decided to steal and chew up my tube of Heiress, as it was a lovely coral-pink. Plastic is a darker pink, not light or frosty in any way.

The Illumin8 duo is two shades of shimmery browns, which work together perfectly as a complete solution for eyeshadow. Use the lighter shade all over the lid, brushing lightly up to the browbone, then use the darker shade in your crease or to create a “V” on the outer corner. Shimmer shades are always so pretty with summertime bronzed skin, and these will make your eyes pop. I don’t think you could classify either of them as warm or cool, instead they seem to be a real neutral, and I think they would work on any skin tone.

I’ve never worked with Tinted Brow Gel, even one called caramel, at all. Oh, sure, I’ve had clear brow gel and even clear mascara (do any of my 80′s babies remember that little phase?), but never a tinted gel. Packaged with a spoolie, which will always be my favorite tool for my lashes no matter what they come out with, this is shimmery and works great to keep those brows in place without feeling sticky or stiff. Although the gel does appear to have a brown color, it works well even on very dark brows to add just an interesting touch of shimmer – nothing that is immediately noticeable, just a hint that there may be something interesting on your brows. I think this would work well even on the darkest skin tones, but you will want to try it out before you commit to it.

Grab your See and Be Seen kit at Sephora.

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