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Demystifying makeup: breaking down makeup brushes

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Demystifying makeup: breaking down makeup brushes

I recently was gifted a gorgeous travel brush set by Royal and Langnickel and instead of writing about how nice the brushes are (they really are lovely), I decided to show it off as a great beginner brush set. After all, you can have amazing makeup but if you don’t have good tools to apply it, you’re not really getting all the benefits that makeup can give you. So, without further ado, I present my recommendation for a nice beginner brush set or a travel set:

The Silk Synthetic 12 piece set includes the following brushes: powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, foundation brush, smudger brush, liner brush, eye fluff brush, eyeliner/brow brush, flat liner brush, brow/lash brush, concealer brush, and lip brush.


Royal & Langnickel eyeliner/brow brush

Royal & Langnickel brow/lash brush

Royal & Langnickel flat eyeliner brush

Royal & Langnickel eyeshadow brush

Royal & Langnickel foundation brush

Royal & Langnickel concealer brush

Royal & Langnickel smudge brush


Royal & Langnickel powder blush

Royal & Langnickel eye fluff brush

Royal & Langnickel Silk Synthetic travel brush set

Royal & Langnickel Silk Synthetic travel brush set

  • Powder brush: a good powder brush will be full and rounded on the top. Use to apply loose powder, pressed powder, bronzer, and in some cases, blush.
  • Blush brush: smaller than a powder brush, but still rounded on the top, use this one for precise application of blush, highlighter, and contour shades.
  • Eye shadow brush: the best eyeshadow brushes will be soft and full. Use to apply or blend out eyeshadow.
  • Foundation brush: this large, flat paddle brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation. It makes even application easy and keeps foundations hygenic.
  • Smudger brush: this brush should be soft yet firm to smudge shadows and liners. Makes the creation of your smoky eye so much easier.
  • Liner brush: for applying eyeliner either powder or gel. Especially helpful when trying to create a dramatic line with gel liners.
  • Eye fluff brush: My most commonly used eye brush by far. Not only for applying product, this can shade and blend like a dream. If you have only one eye brush, make this type of brush it.
  • Eyeliner/brow brush: this angled brush does double duty. Use it to apply gel and powder liners as well as fill in brows with color.
  • Flat liner brush: this is one brush I don’t use as much as the others, but is perfect for applying powder liner on the upper and lower lids as well as tightlining. It’s a wide, flat, and thin brush.
  • Brow/lash brush: this comb/brush combo grooms not only eyebrows but eyelashes. To fix clumpy eyelashes, try using the brush side (versus the comb).
  • Concealer brush: this flat, paddle style brush is a mini foundation brush. Use it to apply concealer, obviously, but I use it to apply shadow as well, especially when I need to pack it on the lids.
  • Lip brush: pretty self-explanatory, but makes even lipstick application a breeze.


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