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Holy grail! Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish make up setting spray

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Holy grail! Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish make up setting spray

skindinavia no shine makeup spray make up setting spray setIt is not often that I can shout “holy grail!” from the rooftops, but I honestly can with this product. It has become such an important part of my routine that I have a second bottle to carry around with me. I almost lost it to the TSA on my last flight to New York City, but I threatened to cry over it, and the officer relented, telling me that I couldn’t take an eight ounce bottle next time, even if it did only have four ounces in it. It was a traumatic experience, you all. 

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish should be sprayed twice: once before makeup application, then once again when you are done. Also, spray in an “X” formation: imagine spray painting a big X over your face – start at the right temple with one spray, move diagonally to your left lower cheek and spray again. Move up to your left temple to spray one more time, then down to your right lower cheek. Spray once more and you’re finished.

Skindinavia claims that it can set foundation, concealer, blush and eyeshadow. I’ll add lipstick to that list, although I don’t get the stated 16 hours with my lipstick. Nor do I get 16 hours of shine free makeup with no touchups, but I will say that my touchups are drastically reduced. I would say that I touchup 85% less than I used to. Once every six hours, instead of once every hour or so. It’s amazing at keeping shine at bay, but if you’re planning on being out all day (or night – no judgement here, kittens) take along your blotting papers just in case. My skin is very oily, so you may have much better performance.

I also tested the Makeup Finishing Spray for normal skin and it worked very similar to my MAC Fix+, perhaps just a bit better. However, because my skin is an oil slick, I fell in love with the No More Shine.

Skindinavia No Shine Makeup Finish is available at and retails for $24/4 oz or $34/8 oz.


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