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Spa day: Jenn Staz visits Bellacures salon in SoCal for some summertime pampering

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Spa day: Jenn Staz visits Bellacures salon in SoCal for some summertime pampering

A guest post by Jenn Staz. She writes about natural beauty and healthy living at

Since summer is here in full swing, it’s time to bite the bullet and defer to the pedicure pros. At-home treatments will only get you so far, and there’s nothing quite like going to the salon.

Last weekend I went to a Bellacures salon in Old Pasadena in southern California. Bellacures is a chain of nail salons in and around the Los Angeles area, with locations in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Studio City, Larchmont Village, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Pasadena.









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From the get-go, I was impressed with Bellacures’ presentation. Unlike other salons with rows of tables for manicures and rows of chairs resembling La-Z-Boy’s in front of foot sinks, this salon was way more appealing with its modern lounge chairs. That early Saturday morning, the salon was empty when I arrived save one other customer, who looked incredibly happy and relaxed with both her hands and feet being attended to. I could tell she was a regular who knew how to treat herself.

After I checked in at the front desk with the dedicated receptionist, I took a seat in one of the lounge chairs. The receptionist offered me ice water or hot tea, something to read, and extra pillows to make sure I felt at home. I noted the warehouse-type feel with concrete floors and an exposed steel framework ceiling, tastefully decorated with a row of magazine clippings in uniform frames on the walls, and in the waiting area there was a beautiful round foyer table with a chandelier and a modern sofa as well as a set of wooden shelves that housed the polish selections.

Out of Bellacures’ 11 pedicure choices, I chose the callus blaster treatment which involved a refreshing mint clay mask, a moisturizing hot towel wrap, and a foot and calf massage on top of the standard pedicure services. For each customer, the receptionist helps put together a kit for the nail technician to use based on the treatment chosen, including the water basin for foot soaking. As the nail tech did his thing while perched on one of the rolling stools with footrests, I noted that the supplies he used seemed clean and well organized.

During the pedicure, my nail tech was very friendly and polite, and called me by my name which was a nice personal touch. He humored me with my incessant questions about the treatment and the salon, and just for fun he mentinoed that his all-time favorite nail polish is OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress”.

My feet were incredibly smooth after the relaxing treatment, which involved callus buffing but no skin shaving, and very minimal cuticle trimming, which was all to my liking. And as if to please my geek-chic side, the salon sent me a thank you email a few minutes afterwards, including an explanation of the treatment I got as well as my technician’s name and a receipt.

I can definitely vouch for 4 out of the 5 Bellacures’ C’s: Cleanliness, Care, Comfort, and Communication, and I plan on going back sometime to see if their Consistency claim is also true. I felt very pampered afterwards, and since then I’ve been dreaming about repeating this experience every week!

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