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Neutrogena’s Spectrum+ Helioplex 360 sunblock run-down and giveaway

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Neutrogena’s Spectrum+ Helioplex 360 sunblock run-down and giveaway

neutrogena spectrum sprayIf you haven’t heard by now, I’ll make sure you know it: sun damage is THE number one cause of premature aging – or any aging, really. If you are still avoiding sunscreen, we need to talk. 

No matter the color of your skin, you NEED sunscreen EVERY minute you are outside, EVEN IF IT’S CLOUDY! This also applies if the sun hits your skin in any way – driving, sitting near a window, etc.


I’m done shouting at you, kittens. Hopefully you will take my advice and live by it, so that we can all look amazing until we fall over dead.

Neutrogena has a new, amazing line with complete sun protection. Not only UVA and UVB, but also Oxidative Damage. What is Oxidative Damage, you ask? It’s a type of cell damage that happens when too many free radicals basically overwhelm your poor skin cells. Sunlight is one of the most common sources of free radicals, and those little suckers are a big part of what causes fine lines, wrinkles, and all sorts of aging. Neutrogena’s new Helioplex 360 technology keeps free radicals away from your skin cells.

And not only does Helioplex 360 help prevent the signs of aging, it also helps prevent skin cancer. And if you’re not worried about aging then you should worry about skin cancer – it’s nastier than you think it is.

Neutrogena’s new Spectrum+ SPF 100+ comes in both a lotion and a spray formula, as well as a face formula, all of which retail at about $13. You can find it at any drug store or mass merchandiser. But we’re giving away a set of the Spectrum+ sunscreens plus a can of the MicroMist Airbrush Sunless tan – one of my go-to body tanners. The mist will spray in any direction, even upside down, and it’s a fabulous streak-free formula that doesn’t turn you orange.

To enter the giveaway, just wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load, and good luck!

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