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Salvaging an old favorite palette into a new Unii case

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Salvaging an old favorite palette into a new Unii case

One thing about organizing is that you give yourself about two bazillion other projects when you’re done. I was going through my makeup stash and moving most of it into my office, and I realized that I needed to do some cleaning up and re-evaluating what I needed to hang on to, and what I needed to let go. 

I have so many favorites, though, that I’m just not willing to let go yet. Case in point: my old Tan Popper palette from Pop Beauty. I reviewed it first back in 2008, (yes, there is a photo missing – I have no idea) and kind of forgot about it until last summer when I found it again. Of course, it’s taken some abuse – my daughter apparently got into it, dropped it, lost the eyeliners, and just generally trashed it out. While I was mourning it, I remembered this super nifty gadget I got at The Makeup Show called a Unii Palette. Essentially, it’s a solid plastic hard case that you can transfer pans of shadow, blush, bronzer, whatever. The bottom of the palette is magnetic and any pan that is metal will stick to it. If you come across a pan that isn’t metal, it has a thin sheet of magnetic material that you can attach to each pan to make it stick. Here is the photographic evidence of my first attempt at moving shadow pans around:

New pink Unii Palette

Adding pans of shadow to the Unii

Be careful!

Old Pop Beauty Tan Popper palette

Removing pans from Tan Popper palette

The Pop palette was made of paper, so it was pretty easy to remove the pans, but I got a little overzealous with one pan and made a huge mess with shadow everywhere. Don’t do that.

Otherwise, it’s so easy to use, and the case is super cute. Mine is pink, but they have six different colors if you’re not a pink fan. There is a mirror on the lid, and a movable thumb grip that keeps things neat and in place. They retail for $29 at Unii Cosmetics and Amazon.

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