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Tinted moisturizer from Bethanny Frankel’s new Skinnygirl Face Solutions collection

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Tinted moisturizer from Bethanny Frankel’s new Skinnygirl Face Solutions collection

I love, love, love tinted moisturizers. Even with my oily skin, I wear them all summer long – they are a great way to combine two steps of my routine (moisturizer and foundation), and they give me a bit of glow to boot without breaking out my face. Plus, all of my favorites have SPF in them so that I can be out and about in the Virginia Beach summer with a protected face. But does Skinnygirl’s tinted moisturizer make the cut of my favorites? 

Skinnygirl Tinted Moisturizer attached brush

Skinnygirl Tinted Moisturizer tube

First of all, I really don’t like attached brushes. If I use a brush at all, it’s going to be one that I can easily wash and isn’t going to be constantly in contact with product. That being said, it’s fairly easy to simply squeeze out a bit of moisturizer and use your fingers to apply. Make sure you use some pressure, though – the product is actually quite thick.

It doesn’t come with any kind of luminizing particles, which helps your moisturizer look more “summery” in my opinion, but if you are not a fan of added sheen, then you will probably find that this meets your needs. Coverage is good – it has a SPF of 15, and it isn’t chalky or streaky. I didn’t have any problems with the color, however, and the Sand shade worked really well with my skin.

I haven’t been hearing good reviews of most of the Skinnygirl line, and I’m not overly excited about this tinted moisturizer – it’s a bit too thick and gloopy for me (is gloopy a word? it is now!), and for $11 for slightly less than one ounce I had higher expectations. But honestly, that could be because I’ve been exposed to so many other tinted moisturizers and BB creams that perform so much better that I’m slightly jaded. The attached brush really bothers me on a deep level, though. I can’t get past it, and I doubt I would ever purchase it again.

It was my understanding that the Skinnygirl line would be launched at Target, but it ended up being a Wal-Mart product instead. You can purchase it in-store or online at, as well as on the Skinnygirl site.

And as an aside, I adore Bethanny Frankel, and good for her for using her notoriety from Real Housewives of New York to segue into a product line and talk-show career. I don’t begrudge her a minute of her success, I just wish she would have developed a better product.

Have you tried any of the Skinnygirl products? What are your thoughts?


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