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Dipping my toe into mineral make up with Fevour Cosmetics

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Dipping my toe into mineral make up with Fevour Cosmetics

I know, everyone in the world loves mineral make up. Unfortunately, the few times I’ve tried it has been disasterous – caking, too much, too little, poor blending, even a breakout or two from my struggles. So I learned long ago to pass it on by, and not bothering to try and make it work with my oily skin.

However, in my disdain for cakey makeup, I also overlooked all the amazing loose eyeshadows that mineral makeup has to offer. These pigmented, easy to blend shadows from Fever Cosmetics (or Fevour, depending on where you live, I suppose – I’ve seen it both ways in regard to this company), are now on my favorite list.

Fever was nice enough to send me three products to try out – their Eye Primer, and two shadows: nightingale and an unnamed one, which looks like Zinfandel, but I can’t be completely sure. Here is the natural, easy summer look that I created with them, along with a close up swatch over the eye primer of the two shadows:

Fevour Cosmetics

Fevour Cosmetics

Fevour Cosmetics swatch

I found these shadows to be really easy to work with. The (maybe) Zinfandel shade is gorgeous, and the Nightingale shade makes a beautiful contrast. I used a brush saturated with my Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Spray to line my eyes with Nightingale, and used the (maybe) Zinfandel over my entire eyelid.

These are shimmery shades, and the Nightingale is almost a duo-chrome type shadow. It can reflect different shades, giving you an extra-interesting eye. The possibilities with loose shadow is endless, all you need is a good brush.

The Mineral Loose Eye Shades come in 24 shades and retail at $15 each. The easy to work with waterproof Eye Shadow Primer retails at $16. Find them both at


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