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Oily-skinned girls, Neutrogena has a new product line just for you!

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Oily-skinned girls, Neutrogena has a new product line just for you!

Neutrogena Shine ControlTired of constantly blotting your oily skin with blotting papers? Wish there was something you could use that wouldn’t make your face look like an oil slick? Neutrogena has the answer for us oily girls – a complete Shine Control make up collection to help keep that annoying shine at bay.

We know how it is, right girls? Yes, the dewey face look is all the rage, but when we try it, we just look greasy. If we try to go matte, we look even weirder. Neutrogena’s Shine Control product line gave my face a natural, not quite dewey, not quite matte glow that I haven’t been able to replicate with other products.

The line includes a primer, foundation, and powder ($13.99, $13.99, and $12.99, respectively at

First, apply the primer. It includes the new Rice Protein Complex that will give you eight hours of shine-free wear.

“The primer feels practically weightless but creates a really smooth welcoming base for your foundation.”– Amy Oresman, celebrity makeup artist

Next step is the foundation, which blends extremely well and includes the Rice Protein Complex for controlling shine. The liquid comes in a wide range of shades, and does a great job controlling shine when used with the primer. Without the primer will get you the same results, but they aren’t as long-lasting.

Finally, the Shine Control Powder is a translucent no-pigment pressed powder that blends into all skin tones and eliminates shine.

“It’s the must-have of powders. Totally translucent, no pigment. You can use this and apply it as often as you want, and you will never feel cakey or heavy. What you feel is confident that your shine is under control, because it is.” – Amy Oresman

For even better results, pair this routine with Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Long Last Shine Control scrub and blotting papers. You’ll go from oil slick to lightly matte and dewey in no time.


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