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Merging fashion, beauty and technology in today’s beauty and fashion world

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Merging fashion, beauty and technology in today’s beauty and fashion world

Beauty in the DetailsI had the pleasure of explaining to my children recently that when I was growing up, we had a television with no remote control and about four channels (on a good day) at any given time. Life was a bit slower, we read a lot of books, and only caught the news once a day, in the evenings, before dinner. Of course, my internet based children simply couldn’t grasp this, and I was thinking about all the pros and cons of technology. 

In the world of fashion and beauty (which are so closely entwined, it’s hard to consider one industry without the other), the influence of technology is so prevalent, and attending Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week recently made me even more aware of how technology is such a game-changer in the world of fashion and beauty trends.

Now, we are aware of collections (both in beauty and in fashion) well before they actually hit the stores. We know what the trends are going to be even before the season starts, and so much of that is due to the ever-faster world of information sharing via the internet. Now, when Pantone releases their “color of the year” anyone with a browser can find out what color everyone will be wearing on their lips next season even before they have considered what next season will entail for them on a personal level.

It’s easy to get nostalgic for the times gone by (and I’m about as retro as it gets), but I wouldn’t change my technology for a single minute. I love the lightening fast way I’m able to find out what people are wearing on the street in the city, even while I lounge around on the beach in an old bathing suit. I don’t feel disconnected from the ebbs and flows of fashion and beauty, as I have it right in my fingertips. From new colors to new formulas, technology keeps the world of beauty constantly evolving, and constantly interesting.

What do you think? Are you pro-technology or do you think that it’s going way too far?

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