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RIP to one of my favorite beauty products: Payot Detoxifying Foam

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RIP to one of my favorite beauty products: Payot Detoxifying Foam

I love to travel. Get me on a plane to somewhere other than home, and I’m thrilled. I know how to pack light, I’m savvy with airline crews and regulations (thanks to growing up in an airline family), and I know what I can and can’t get through security. Every once in awhile, though, TSA gets the better of me. 

Payot Detoxifying Foam

Payot Detoxifying Foam

Payot Detoxifying Foam

Payot, as I might have mentioned about a million times, is one of my very favorite skin care lines. It has always kept my breakouts under control while making my skin feel hydrated and looking like a million bucks. The downside is that it’s tricky to find – I can’t just pop down to Walgreens and find it, so I tend to hoard it a little bit. Okay, a lot.

At any rate, as I was heading through the TSA checkpoint, I didn’t give my bottle a whole lot of thought – I knew being half full that it was well below the four ounce limit they have on liquids. I had it with my other liquids in a ziplock back that I promptly pulled out before even getting to the area where I needed to remove my shoes.

The next thing I know, Mr. TSA was taking my Payot bottle and telling me that I couldn’t take it on board. Houston, we have a problem. I asked him why, and he informed me that I could only have four ounces, at which time I helpfully pointed out that while the bottle said five ounces, it was only half full, making it only 2.5 ounces, tops. I was informed that they can only go by what the bottle says, not what is actually in the bottle.

Hmmmm. I wonder what they do on unmarked bottles?

I knew there was no point in arguing it – at best I’d annoy him and make me late for my flight, and at worst, I could get my name on some no-fly list over some face cleanser. But I mourned my Payot during my entire trip and beyond.

Have you ever mourned something you lost at the TSA checkpoint? Were you as upset as I was?

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