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Those funny looking Goody Spin Pins really work

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Those funny looking Goody Spin Pins really work

Super quick post today, because I’m crazy busy trying to move all the furniture out of my living room and get new stuff moved in. Nothing like the prospect of holiday visitors to make you really freak out about your house, am I right? Anyhoo, I’ve been working like a crazy person sorting, donating, throwing away, sweeping up dust bunnies…you know. And  since my hair hasn’t been cut in the recent past (meaning any time this year), I just want it up and out of my way. So I grabbed my Spin Pin and decided to make it work.

And it did. Not only did it work, it held. Like, as in I fell asleep with it in and my hair was still up in the morning held. Yeah, like that. Totally worth the <$5 you’ll throw at it.

But there is a trick! (You knew that, though, right?) You will save yourself hours of frustration if you listen to my wise sage words that can only come from someone who plays with too many beauty products. The secret is this: Start twisting it in at the very end of your hair after it’s been wrapped into a bun. As in, put your hair in a ponytail, and twist your hair in one direction, then wrap it around your elastic band. Take your Spin Pin and start twisting it at the very tip ends. If you have really layered hair or are finding that strands are coming free, move it up about a half inch and try again. As close to the ends as possible. Here is a really awful picture of a half-updo with a Spin Pin that I did. goody spin pin

You’re welcome.


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